Concise Selina Solutions for Class 8 Biology Chapter 5 Endocrine System and Adolescence

Endocrine System and Adolescence, deal with how a body changes from being a kid to a grown-up. It briefs about the endocrine system and how its effect during the adolescence. With the onset of adolescence, the reproductive endocrine system becomes increasingly active. The attainment of sexual maturity in terms of secondary sexual characteristics, the production of spermatozoa in the male, and the cyclical female pattern with release of ova are end-points of the developmental process. Adolescence is the age or period in which the body changes from that of a kid to an adult. The chapter goes on explaining that a boy and a girl undergoes during the adolescent period.

Endocrine system: The endocrine system is the organ or gland that produces the chemicals that are used to help development and growth. The chemicals secreted by these glands or the endocrine system is known as the Hormones.