Concise Selina Solutions for Class 8 maths Chapter 20 Area of Trapezium and Polygon

A trapezium is a 2d shape, and a type of quadrilateral, which has only two parallel sides and the other two sides are non-parallel. In Euclidean Geometry, a quadrilateral is defined as a polygon with four sides and four vertices. Just like other four-sided polygons, a trapezium also has area and perimeter.

The trapezium is a quadrilateral with two parallel sides. The parallel sides of a trapezium are called bases, and the non-parallel sides of a trapezium are called legs. It is also called as a trapezoid. Sometimes the parallelogram is also called as a trapezoid with two parallel sides.

A trapezium is a polygon that has four sides, where one pair of sides are parallel to each other. A trapezoid is also a four-sided polygon and with one pair of parallel sides opposite to each other. The parallel sides are the bases, and another two sides are called legs of the trapezoid.