Concise Selina Solutions for Class 9 Biology Chapter 18 Health Organizations

The World Health Organization (WHO) established in 1948 is a specialized agency of the United Nations Organization (UNO). Health Care Organizations are the companies that provide offerings to clinical authorities like nurses, doctors, pharmacists, etc. Their fundamental purpose is to provide wellbeing services at a lower price and in better amount so that these may also be made on hand to a tremendous number of members. The reasons for the formation of WHO are as follows:

  • Member countries of the UNO focused on the need for creating an international body to look after the health problems of people of the world.
  • The need for having an organization was felt in fields of research on the causes and cures of diseases.
  • These measures were attempted to provide better, faster results.
  • Most importantly, it aimed at proving to be beneficial for the poor and developing countries.
  • To collect and supply information about the occurrence of epidemic diseases Example – Cholera, typhoid etc.
  • To supply information on the latest developments about vaccine use, cancer research, control of drug addiction, health hazards of nuclear radiation
  • To suggest quarantine measures to avert the spreading of diseases
  • To lay pharmaceutical standards for important drugs
  • Organization of campaigns to control the epidemic and endemic diseases