10 myth about online learning
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Busting the Myths Associated with Online Education

Busting the Myths Associated with Online Education

Many of the calls we got from Parents are related to some kind of myth. As you all know that
Praadis had a Parents Teacher’s Meeting Yesterday and we got a quite good response from the parents they had shared so many questions to discuss and some common question which repeated a lot was some myths related to online education or eLearning.

10 myth about online learning

There are still some people who think that online education will end after the pandemic and some others myths floating among the common people in the society. So we thought to write a blog post taking all those common questions we got from the parents.

Q. Online classes aren't as effective as in-class learning?

Well, this isn’t true many of the students had cleared Olympiad from learning online. It will save your time traveling, Cost-Effective & in one click math’s Geniuses will come to your screen, this will remove the barrier of studying from the teachers near you.

Q. Online classes are easier than traditional classes.

Well, It’s not about the difficulty level it is about the mental block. People think that “if a student hasn’t completed his homework then the lecturer can’t Punish anyone.” But what if your children realize that if he doesn’t do homework then it’s his loss not someone else’s then he will study on time.

Q. Online classes aren't accredited.

Well, this is a complete lie, many of the students these days in the USA are graduating online in the Degree like Law, which anyone would not believe. In India IGNOU you can study online from their site, apart from this SWAYAM created a revolution in this by having the courses from the instructor of NPTEL, IIM’s, IIT’s0, etc.

Q. Online classes aren't respected by employers.

The most common Myth that people came across is about the employer’s that online degree is a bit suspicious for them. Well, that’s not the truth is, some of the most reputed Colleges such as Stanford, IVY League Colleges, Cal Arts, etc. had their courses and online degree along with some top companies such as IBM, Google, Microsoft. Everyone is coming to eLearning in the order to educate their audience and creating advanced-level Educational Content.

Q. Online students don't get to interact with the instructor.

Well, that’s also a false rumor you can contact your professor in many ways such as LinkedIn, LMS (Learning Management Software), etc. you can solve your doubt with them or with your fellow e-batch mates.

You can also get the recommendation on the behavior and your nature in the class, this will help you to make a career by doing jobs in the respected field you are currently studying in.Through this, by ending up your Degree after three years or maybe four years you will have work experience of three or four years along with a Graduation Degree.


Well, these are some Common Myths we got from you guys. Hope you had understood that it’s the mode of education that is changing not Education.So please learn to change with the times, remember that the person who changes with the times moves forward, the one who tries to stop it gets lost somewhere like the gone by time.Remember, running water is always pure and stagnant water gets rotten and germs started taking place there.