Importance of online education in 21st century
   Blog    Online Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education

Online Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education

Online Learning: A 21st Century Approach to Education

We are living in 21st Century in era where humans have everything Advanced weapons, Space technology & humans in the space too but we had forgot something which laid the foundation to all these that is a good quality education. For so many years, education was revolving around the classroom and blackboard,
but online education was a revolution in the world of teaching.

Importance of online education in 21st century


All the old ways have collapsed in front of it. And after all, it’s the responsibility of science to make the work of man easy. Due to this revolution in the education Sector, people living in remote areas will get the facility of quality education through online education. Many of the country with more remote areas had lowest rate of literacy & specially in India in many of the state in northeast & south have less than 10% of population with internet access. The difference in access – from electricity and internet services to gadgets like desktops and smartphone – is a big barrier to remote learning. Access to energy is critical for virtual learning, as it is required to electrical devices as well as internet access. Lack of internet and mobile devices has also resulted in a digital literacy disparity.

Issues on International level

If we take this on world level, then many of the African countries with high population have lowest literacy rate even the lowest literacy rate in the world is in Sudan (Africa). In this situation online learning could be a game changer for the people living in remote areas across the country.


The approach toward the online learning can be initiated by governments of the country in the form of strong internet in every region of the country as well as lowest tax rate on digital product such as Smartphone, Desktop’s, etc. By this anyone living in the most esteemed area will have access to the content of most reputed Universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, etc.,

Perks of Promoting Online education

Online education not only provide you studies it could be helpful for those student also who want to study abroad, online education could save you all the expense of apartment and travelling. Imagine you can study in Harvard from your Couch or your favorite coffee shop it’s the most amazing thing to experience in your life. Online Learning is making this world flat, People from all around the globe are now interacting & connecting with each other. Multinational Companies these days are hiring smart and cunning people who can work remotely with same dedication without any Interruption and work loophole. Along with this Online study can improve your time management skills, many traditional students have to learn this skill while online students will come with experience in this, this will make them work flexible for the role that requires Multi-Tasking, Independent Work & Collab with peer’s who works remotely.


It’s not the mistake of government nor the people of th nation, but we all have to come together to make a space where everyone can study online with best resources. Education lays the foundation in nation Building, If the people of the country are not educated, then the country can never progress, it is necessary for every country that their people are educated so that their country continues to grow and flourish.