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Benefits of learning through Praadis Education Application.

Education is not just about learning; it’s about opening the doors of opportunity in this rapidly growing world. Today, we seek education as a mode of getting a good job to secure our future. But are these the only dimensions of an education? We usually forget that education is truly about learning and a way of thinking. Education helps us to think wisely and view situations logical to figure out the pros and cons and find a solution to any problem.

In today’s scenario, competition has grown many folds, may it be in terms of education, job opportunities, or technology. Like others, students also need to be up-to-date with the latest happenings around the globe. Thus by amalgamating education with the latest technology, we can actually help our students to remain updated. Technology enables students to connect to the real world and not just the bookish world.

The Praadis Education App is a step forward in the direction of creating a perfect blend of education and technology thereby enhancing the learning experience. The App has various amazing features which help a student to learn any subject in an interactive manner and at the same time assess their progress and put forward work on the areas they require help in.

The content and the subject material available in the app is vast, and it is adapted to the curriculum and the country. The material is thoroughly checked and prepared by subject experts, keeping the curriculum in-line with various education boards. The material is exhaustive and helps the student to develop a deep understanding. The topics are explained through classroom videos, 3D videos or through watch the story mode. After studying the topic, the student can check his/ her learning by attempting subjective and objective type questions or assessment tests available at the end of each topic.

The app helps you to organise your studies and revisions systematically. It enables you to set daily and weekly goals and suggests topics and assignments to be taken. This app reduces the burden of planning your studies and systematises it. Plans are created for each subject keeping the importance of the topics in mind.

Books are a fountain of knowledge. The more you read, the more you gain. The app has a plethora of books and material available for reading online through Praadis e-library. It is a personalised library where a student can read, learn a concept, and refer to it as and when required in the future. The library also has books written by various famous authors which can help students boost their knowledge.

For students, studying might not be very fascinating but the Praadis Education App aims to make studies more interactive and engaging. Features like Notes, Challenges and Rewards, and Booster allure students and do not let them get bored. The use of practice and exam-style assessments combined with Augmented Reality based gaming help solidify lessons and theories easily. Praadis Notes is a digital scrapbook where students can write notes even while reading the chapter. These notes are readily available for future reference. Praadis Booster is a summary sheet that helps in last minute preparation and also contains important points marked by the students while studying

The page has many interesting facts which help in boosting the IQ level of the student. Such activities also amplify morale and gear-up students for study time.

It is an online community where students can view live videos of lectures and can get their doubts cleared. The content available in Praadis Connect is updated regularly.

The app has various games based on the learnings of the chapter. These games are not only exciting but help in concept building as well.

This feature connects you with the classroom teachers and mentors. You can use this feature anytime for sending files, videos, images, and voice messages. The students can get their doubts cleared by asking questions in real-time about any subject through this feature.

Parents can also track the performance of their wards. They can check the activities and read assessment analysis reports. They can also see the key focus areas, where the students need to focus and improve.

So what are you waiting for, gear up and be a part of Praadis Institute of Education. Let us come together and explore the ocean of knowledge…