PIE - The Best Educational Apps for Junior

PIE Junior (best learning app for kids), for KG - 2nd, is stocked with story-telling sessions, sketching and colouring activities, Augmented-Reality educational
games, and immersive 3D videos to help young imaginations soar. With conceptual-based and simplified learning activities
youngsters can be engaged with PIE Junior (best learning app for children) all day long without even realizing that they were studying.

Play 3D Videos with Best Educational Apps
3D Videos and AR Games

Interactive and engaging videos for efficient learning.

Play Zone Module with Best Educational Apps
Play Zone Module

Includes drawing/colouring activities and memory games for child.

Watch The Story with Best Educational Apps
Watch The Story

Watch the Story and Chapter videos utilize Text to Speech technology.

Practice Zone with Best Educational Apps
Practice Zone

Practice tests, Correct their Vocabulary, Let’s Speak, and Drawing activities.

Class Room Video with Best Educational Apps
Class Room Video

Classroom Video lectures are the great way to help students acquire the learning of the subjects relatively conveniently.

3D Interactive Video with Best Educational Apps
3D Interactive Video

3D Interactive video is the revolutionary way to enable students learn their subjects in a completely live and interactive form.

Watch The Story with Best Educational Apps
Watch The Story

Get the enhanced learning experience by watching the stories via visual storyboards in 3D interactive environment.

PIE - The Best Educational Apps for Senior
Read The Chapter with Best Educational Apps
Read The Chapter

It has the PDF version of book of each chapter in two languages, Hindi and English.

Subjective Q/A with Best Educational Apps
Subjective Q/A

Subjective questions will raise the level of a student's logicalness and help him/her to make logical decisions.

Objective Test with Best Educational Apps
Objective Test

By attempting the Objective test, a student can test his/her general knowledge and prepare himself/herself accordingly.

PIE - The Best Educational Apps for Parent

PIE Parent gives me access to any and all profiles or subscriptions. My dashboard readily accesses weekly and monthly progress reports, subject-wise test analyses, and focus area modules highlighting my child’s weak topics. On top of that, push notifications by email and text are sent regarding my child’s PIE progress.

The learning structure of PIE is multi-tiered and highly engaging. The feedback structures give an accurate detail of the progression and those areas needing further attention. All-in-all this app will improve your child’s desire to study and will improve your child’s overall understanding of cornerstone subjects.

K-12 learning solutions refer to educational content from kindergarten to grade 12. The content is used to teach primary, middle and high school children. K-12 learning solutions usually consist of online learning through the best learning app material that is widely used to supplement classroom teaching.

Fresh User Interface For Parents:

Easy flow dashboard showcasing all subject content, activities, games, and results per subscription.

Subscription Access and Profile Details:

Multiple Account accessibility. Details of all subscriptions and profiles in a single place.

Test Reports:

Reports of all completed tests in one location. Viewable by subject, profile, or timeline.

Key focus area module:

Gives parents the knowledge of which concepts children need more practice.

Last test attempted:

Access to the last test report from the dashboard screen of parent connect app.

Push Notifications and Activity Logs:

Email and text notifications regarding test scores, overall progress, and the last attempted activity.