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A complete course capsule for classes K-12th.


ACT Test

The American college test (ACT) is a paper and computer-based standardized test for undergraduate college admissions (mostly in the US and Canada). Students can register at open test centers to take the ACT test across the country. Students can now register for the upcoming ACT Test by clicking on the link ( Please note that every state details differ; aspirants can contact the district to know more about the ACT testing opportunities in their state. The ACT test has 4 sections in the US - English, Math, Reading, and Science.

ACT Aspire

ACT Aspire is crafted to measure student’s progress toward college and career readiness in English, math, reading, science, and writing, especially during grades 3 to 10. ACT Aspire consists of both interim and periodic assessments. Both assessment tests can be used as standalone programs and in conjunction with each other. The performance of the ACT Aspire test envisages performance for students from high schools on the ACT.


The NWEA MAP Growth is designed to measure a student's achievement and his/her development over time. NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) is a non-profit organization that creates academic assessments for students for grades pre-K to 12. NWEA works with more than 9000 schools and districts and more than 145 countries worldwide. It is an adaptive computer test, where every student gets a fixed amount of time to answer all the questions. Every student receives a unique set of test questions based on the responses of previously asked questions.


Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a pen-paper standardized test administered by College Board and co-sponsored by National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) in the US. This is primarily the practice version of SAT. It is usually taken during school days instead of other classes. The test's time duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes, excluding break time, and aspirants can test their reading, writing, and math skills. Suppose aspirants attain a good score in the PSAT in their junior classes. In that case, they could receive a $ 180 million national merit scholarship each year.


The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an internationally acclaimed exam widely used by the College Board for college admissions in the United States and around the world at the undergraduate level. It is a benchmark test that helps in assessing students’ abilities. The test was conducted 7 times a year in October, November, December, January, March, May, and June. The SAT test is administered by Educational Testing Services that are developed and published by the College Board in over 25000 examination centers in 192 countries.


Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) determines an individual's skill levels and aptitudes. The TABE test is used to guide people about adult education programs such as high school equivalency (HSE), attending a trade school, etc. This test is designed to measure student's skills in reading, math, and English. While there is no such thing as passing or failing in the TABE exam, your score can determine your eligibility for many programs that can positively impact your life situation. It is essential to prepare for the test and arrange to take the test through the school or agency that needs it.


The Test Assessment Secondary Completion (TASC) is a state-of-the-art and inexpensive national high school equivalence test. The TASC test examines the level of achievement relative to graduating high school seniors outlined by the College and Career Readiness standards. It is secured by the same secure online platform used by TABE® Online. The TASC test covers five subject areas: reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.

TerraNova 3

TerraNova 3 is a series of assessment used in the United States prepared to cover Grade K -12 students achieving skills in subject areas like Reading (Grades K–12), Math (Grades K–12), Language (Grades K–12), Science (Grades 1–12), and Social Studies (Grades 1–12). This test determines the student's skill, although there is sufficient time for targeting plan, personalized instruction, and practical achievements. One of the safest online platforms offers better security than a pen-paper test.


WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) is a screening test to determine students' language level entering a school. This test is given annually, and results are used to assess students' growth and progress and are used in the US and several other countries as an English Language proficiency test. WIDA covers 4 language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.