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ICSE Class 10 Biology Syllabus

Biology has facilitated the evolution of humanity and contributed to improving the quality of human life. From having a better understanding of biological life forms, by studying the foundations of biology extensively, one can understand the inner workings of nature and cellular structures. A career in pharmaceuticals or biosciences is lucrative and fulfilling for many. Students set up the entry point to those careers by creating a good foundation of knowledge on the subject from school level.

Sl. No. Biology Syllabus
1 . Cell-The Structural and Functional Unit of Life
2 . Structure of Chromosomes, Cell Cycle and Cell
3 . Genetics–Some Basic Fundamentals
4 . Absorption by Roots
5 . Plant Physiology-Transpiration
6 . Photosynthesis
7 . Chemical Coordination in Plants
8 . The Circulatory System
9 . The Excretory System
10 . The Nervous System
11 . Human Anatomy and Physiology
12 . The Endocrine System
13 . The Reproductive System
14 . Human Evolution
15 . Population–The Increasing Numbers and Rising Problems
16 . Pollution–A Rising Environmental Problem